About Us

Mission Statement

UC Australia firmly believes that our future success and longevity depends on our ability to maintain a sustainable business base which is supported to the best business practice as well as supplier and customer satisfaction.

We aspire to always provide our clients with high quality products and excellent service.

Our endeavours are always to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our broad spectrum of customers.

Our customer base will include government, multinational corporations, medium and small businesses as well as private customers.

We will strive to achieve our growth through hard work determination and mutual respect.

Our Product

Our UC2K product is a unique material based on nano-technology.

Nanotechnology is the study of molecular and atomic particles measured in nanometers (billionths of a meter or 10-9).

When working on a Nano scale, chemists can design molecular structures with properties not previously experienced. It is this technology which make Unicoatings products stand alone.

Unicoatings 2k Protective Coating repels unwanted contaminants and stops damage to the protected surface. Properties include:

  • Long lasting clear coating
  • Easy application by normal painting process
  • Allows graffiti to be easily removed without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Self cleaning—dust and road grime wash off with water
  • Easily applied to all surfaces
  • Economical due to high coverage rates
  • High UV resistance and protection
  • Corrosion and stain resistant

Partnering with Us

We are currently seeking interest in the New Zealand market for potential partners for exclusive rights to our product. Please contact us to find out more.

International Partners